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Sunday, September 9, 2007

What Really Happens Now?

Can civil disobedience ever be justified?

I was looking at security video surveillance of the cop beating incident in Utica it was available at . video speaks for itself . The cop approached these kids like he has done a hundred times.

Hands on his hips an authoritative posture.

You know how they do "Hey You, get over here"

He began to question them.

Although you cannot hear what is being said it is clear these kids did not want to cooperate with his impromptu investigation. One of them attempts to walk away or to get away; he grabs the young man by the arm, the young man yanks his arm away.

Wait one second.


He grabs the young man by the arm. Tries to grab him again.

All hell breaks loose.

Lesson number one; don't try to grab people even if they are unarmed kids twice as small as you are . Not everyone feels compelled to cooperate with the police all the time especially if they just committed an act of malicious mischief. The police also need to keep things in perspective. If the kid had shot someone with a bb gun or something like that I feel he may have been justified. This was decidedly a petty situation the guy that waved them down went back to his business, he didn't even stick around to complain more like most victims of a serious crime would do.

I spoke to someone in law enforcement; suffice it to say they are not on the local level. He felt that the cop was justified.

Slow down.

The cop never would have been assaulted had he not tried to strongarm the kid; we all agree things could have gotten very ugly there easily could have been a couple of dead delinquents.

The law enforcement official said "I think these kids need to understand that they can't win". I replied "this not a game ; these kids are not keeping score they do not like the idea of Tommy Gun Officer coming up , talking shit, threatening them with jail or the group home and basically throwing their weight around a hood they know nothing about" he reiterrated "But Dave they can't win" I replied "True, but the people run this and unless they want to be chased out every time they come down the street they better start meeting parents and really talking to these kids with some respect.

What a novel concept...Respect... from the cops no less.

They better do some serious public relations and start to make attempts at mending the broken fence they routinely jump over. They better start to serve and protect in our neighborhoods not just do police work( you are welcome Loretta) you know, investigate people who are shooting and killing each other.

Don't get me wrong, some officers do serve the general public; with indictments, warrants ect. From what I know about this particular cop, he did not deserve it he just got surprised. Cops do their work and a lot of times it is percieved as harrasment

"Here they come ready to fuck with somebody" can be overheard when they come cruising down the street.

I bet they watch who they grab from now on.

We ain't scared and the kids aren't either.

Son of a Panther.


luminaria said...

It would benefit us all to educate ourselves and our kids about our rights and to know what to say and how to act around the "law." Once we know those things, they will find it nearly impossible to screw us. We will have taken back our ability to stand as free individuals.

fairlane said...

When I worked as a counselor in Florida, there was an ex-Marine who used to do the arm grab when he wanted to restrain a kid that was pissing him off. He knew their reaction would be to pull away, which most people will do, and he could use that as an excuse to restrain them.

He was a real prick, and we almost got in a fist fight in the middle of dinner one night in front of about 100 people.

If a cop wants to arrest you they will find a reason.

David B Dancy said...

Luminaria- The police are not always concerned with rights or whether or not you know yours ask Geronimo Pratt.