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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Same Ol'

It is goin down!
Life is fulfilling. The Upstate summer has been full of the stuff good memories are made of.

Cookin out.
Rural Routes.
Hosting live peformances.
Providing a platform for Artists to do what they do.
Ace blew it up on the August 22nd...makin a name for herself
Bruce showed his ass.
I may post some of this footage later.
I ain't proud of it but that is what live shit is all about.
People forgot they were in Utica.
Utica New Yoke!
Home of the Utica Crib(Google it)
Most of you have no idea what I am talking about.
This Blog is Esoteric.
Part of a movement.
Are you
part of a movement?
I'm sorry let me explain what the fuck has been goin on,that is, if you have not perused my ample selections from times past.
And Please.
Excuse my profanity.
I am an artist and an activist.
I have been hosting a series of performances that have warped the understanding of live entertainment in Mohawk Valley.
Experimental film with poetry sans the obligatory self-importance of a high budget operation
All in one one night... a multi-media assualt on common sensibilities and (fill in blank)

You get it

What I been watchin

State of Play
Dexter (All of em')
Dante 01'
Curious George