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Sunday, May 8, 2011

366 Days

Yes it has been that long.
366 Days.
What was I doin with meself?
What was David Bass Dancy up to?
All I can say is: "I have thought of this day for a long time"
During my hours long travels throughout Upstate New York I would often think about what My next post would be about.
But you need to understand
I have been a participant in the chaotic maelstrom that I routinely ducumented while living and surviving as a Freelance Journalist.
Have you ever seen a House with Deerskin siding?
I have.
Have you seen rural poverty up close?
Fuedal Lords in the Backcountry?
I have.
The choice between Gas and diapers is daunting when the closest Wal-Mart is eight miles away.
You Get it right?
This pliable, manipulatable populace is the backbone.
The Law?
To many, the courts and law enforcement are just simple symbols of Government. The sheriff doesn't bring by Deermeat or preserves, firewood, ...he brings trouble.
I have been able to see, up close, rural poverty and, of course, Urban Poverty.
I have seen Hoarders on an epic scale.
America is Strange.
I am a Witness.
A humble observer.