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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What Happened to Hip -Hop

I got freelance assignment to interview A HIP-HOP ARTIST

I use the term loosely; the last time I saw this group peform it was a lot of rapping with a chorus at the end of each VERSE. The lyrics were cliche at best. I sat and watched, trying not to show my disgust actually I try to be indifferent about groups that SUCK. (the capitals represent the chorus).


I am not indicting(If you are a member of the group and you are reading this, it is pronounced indite-ing not indicked-ing) these guys; they are following a simple formula they have seen a million times on BET and MTV where the scientific product placement and music marketing gurus make their good LIVINGS.
Lyricist are a thing of the past . I know a few good ones but they rap about BULLSHIT. Everyone from D-block (The Lox - Sheik Louch) has made me cringe and laugh at their brilliance but they need to stop telling the feds how we apply the real science out here.

Except for J-Hood

"The cops got apartments in the hood with binoculars- but they know- that we know -that they know- that they watchin us"


It is none of their business. Stop making it hard for real gangsters. Stop snitching (stop rapping). The streets take care of themselves, rap about the dreams the dirty money fulfills instead of rapping about the dirty money.

Real hustlers back in the day when brothers could not even vote, get real jobs or go to the library tried to dress up , aspired too live up to a standard that was denied to them . Suits, houses big cars. We can get that. Its no secret.

Now lets buy some property ( with cash while its real cheap).

I long for the generation of wordsmiths that reject the whole gangster vibe.
That shit is old it is time for something new I know guys out there who talk about the real pain out here in these streets and their lives.

They should be platinum.

Where you at Bennie Slums?


Etalon said...

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luminaria said...

Enjoyed your comment on my blog. Your post today speaks truth. I think everything has cheapened because so many people have sold out to suck up the dregs of capitalism. These whores are caught up in clawing their way to the top, have sold their souls, their art, their lives, which they don't seem to care are as cheap as the system they want to be part of. And they step on everyone else to get their piece it. Disgusting.

fairlane said...

I really enjoyed hip hop in the beginning, but lately it all sounds the same.

It also pisses me off that these fake ass "gangstas" rap about a world that they know nothing.

I spent several years working with gangmembers, and if you listen to rap you'd think all those kids are hanging out on the bricks drinking Cristal driving Benz's.

Most of them are dirt poor, and most won't make it past 20 years.

That ain't fucking cool.

"Gangsta rap" cheapens their lives, and the loss of their lives.

I'm sick of people making money off of death. Is that all there is?

David Bass Dancy said...

Luminaria.. Fairlane

Gospel lives.....through truth in experience