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Monday, September 17, 2007

Attempted Defense

The Jena six saga continues. Among the injustices committed daily in our crowded world we must pick our battles. As a student of history and an armchair sociologist I find it particularly disturbing that this is still being dragged out.

Mychal Bell the sixteen year old initially charged with attempted murder had his charges reduced. He was convicted of the lesser charges and sentenced to 22 years for a brawl that resulted in minor injuries. The resulting outcry surprised the kangaroo court in Louisiana; to save face, the charges were eventually dropped.

Two of the remaining five also face lesser charges while three remain charged with attempted murder.


It was wrong for those boys to beat down the white student.

It was wrong and inflammatory for the white students to hang nooses on a tree in school colors, it was wrong for the superintendent of the schools to overturn their expulsion.

The fact they were expelled shows there are some white people in Jena with common sense, but like usual they have no real power.

Big Oil, Big tobbacco(Labushanostra)

Planter Class, Slavery

Equals unfair, stupid and unfortunately , powerful.

Their influence touches every aspect of American society.

They are one percenters.

We ain't having it; I pray for America if these boys are convicted, our morale as a nation is low enough.

War weary troops returning home to foreclosures and bullshit.

O.K. enough of that back to the point.

Sometimes, in the face of incredible frustration and a history of wanton violence- that conjure up images of men swinging in front of a crowd- we have no alternative. The boys knew they were wrong they also knew there would be no way to get these people off their backs without striking back.

I have provided a link that details some of the events in Jena, Judge for yourself and also take time to ask why The Duke Lacrosse case could captivate a Nation but this case is edited out of our lives.

Today I am picking this battle


fairlane said...

You know why the Duke case was so big. It involved rich white people.

Rush Limbaugh told me that there is no racism.

If I can't believe him, who can I believe?

Thanks for the add holmes.

luminaria said...

Great post, as usual.

We both know these two cases clearly illustrate occupation by the top-tier corporate globalists. These vile necrophiles hide behind the complicit media which provide the screen for their secrets and build a moat around their untouchable castle.

All we bloggers can do is to continue our battering ram of words, and maybe eventually we'll batter some light into the heads of the congenitally dense populace who still support their feudal lords.

Keep on raging, Dancy.

David B. Dancy said...

Fairlane you are so welcome. When you are finished with your current project- at least that is what i assume- I look forward to your continued participation in our group rant.

Luminaria do not be dissappointed that the world is still flat.

fairlane said...

Dave- With your "blogroll," you can use this html to make it say what you want.

What you want it to say here (i.e. Jonestown or whatever

It will look like this


fairlane said...

Shit, it won't let me post the code without trying to turn it into a link.

Anyway, if you want the code drop me an email through my blog and I'll send it to you.



I'm trying to get another project, but currently I'm not working on one.

Blogging just gets boring at times, and I have to take a break or I'll go insane.