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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Conspire With friends

Look around you

What do see?

Conspiracy, Conspiracy

Dead congressmen, demo'ed levee

Conspiracy , Conspiracy

Bob Dole, John McCain

Its all The Same

Its all the same

George appointed to office

What a shame What a shame What a shame

House of Windsor

Templar Knights

Sub Prime Lending

Indentured plight

Old sharecroppers paying rent

pay back twenty for one cent

I cant deny i'm getting pissed off

been holding on so long i lost my claws

just another old lion ready to die

waiting for aqaurious to light the sky

the dying breed

enlightened ones

mkultra baby

tuskeegee son

the game is afoot

the time is now

we don't know when but we surely know how

will you have water when the river runs dry?

will they leave the hedgefund king in the desert to fry?

sit in front of the tube

prepare to die.


luminaria said...

Dancy, WOW WOW WOW! What a GREAT poem. You said it ALL so powerfully. When I walk around town I look at people and wonder what's going on inside them--are they falling apart inside like we are or are they only thinking about their next business deal or some booty call? We're all such knee-jerk whores for instant gratification. Good stuff. You're talented, man.

David B. Dancy said...

I left ample space bwtween the verses so the enlightened can read between the lines.

adrienne Wilborn said...

Dave didn't know you did poetry dude. Wow I had to read it twice to really let it absorb. Powerful words. Enlightened ones suffer so much.


Anonymous said...

The enlightened witness we/they(you be the judge) do not necessarily suffer. There are those who manipulate outcomes because they are privy to the machinations of this crazy world. To be able to control leaders like marionettes; now that is art. Do those souless D. Chainy's of the world suffer?
I guess they do but they like pain.
Flawless statement A.D. No words can get me out of that one ; I suffer from dissillusionment and guilt for being part of a culture that refuses to change.

Seven said...
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Seven said...

just another impressed writer :). i would like to know what inspired this piece? i really enjoyed it, maybe you can tell me about it on Sept. 25 (hint hint)...we can talk about white priv. while we smoke outside...LOL. holla back!

Jen Clark said...

Beautifully and tragically said. Well done