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Friday, September 7, 2007

Rough Tide

On Sept.5 a Utica cop got beat up. The suspects were all under 18.

April 12 an officer in this city of 50,000 was shot execution style by a twenty-one year old petty criminal.


It depends on what side of the law you are on. It also depends on ones perspective of authority and the desire for freedom. I know it is a stretch to compare the delinquent actions of these children to anti-war apathy but I have to. The frustration in the black community of


Jena, Louisiana


is palpable, you can taste it.

The anger has very little to do with Iraq, Iran, North Korea or any other target of our government. It has everything to do with the consistent lack of opportunity in our communities. Black folks live in little fallujahs all over America; we have gotten used to the Police as an occupying force. The new revolutionary cycle is starting to spin; the children of 'crack' outlaws are getting older. The total lack of respect for their enemy, the Police, is starting to materialize through their behavior.

I know the kids involved, they don't hate anyone but they know the police took their father away from them. A father who took good care of them. How he did it is not the issue( selling illegal drugs to suburbanites) they were to young to understand.

The furrowed brows, clenched fists and unruly behavior is a symptom of their pain. They miss him. The teachers who don't understand or take the time to even try to understand just excarcerbate the situation. Young, brilliant, black children who act out are put into special -ed, they are culturally retarded because they do not conform to the bullshit ideals that are sold to them. They are told to shut up and sit down when they really just want to cry.

They remember the security they had in a father figure. What about the security they lost when he was taken away?

Within their hearts and minds a big void is filled by MTV BET and the seemingly successful techno thugs that took over the streets. The frustration festers, an understanding , unspoken about the nature of their world.

Us against them.

This feeling is nation wide, disenfranchised children in cities all over America are braver than ninety nine percent of the techno revolutiuonaries that claim they want to save a shattered world. Believe me Bush is more afraid of them than he is of you or me. We are thoughtful full of lofty ideals and apathetic plans; when it all falls down I want those kids on my team.


t4toby said...

Well said, although I'd say that the general rising tide of disillusionment of the lower class is the bigger picture. With a shrinking middle class, and a ruling elite that gets bolder as they get richer, we are starting to see the strain at the seams of our 'civil society'.

If the 'Left' (60%+ of our country) would organize together, we could do something. but the Ruling Elite do everything they can to prevent the blacks, gays, hispanics, pot smokers, slackers, progressives, doves, etc. from banding together.

Cause if we did...

David Bass Dancy said...

Toby my man..lets have lunch

luminaria said...

Wow! What a powerful, solid post. No one can argue with what you've written here. I enjoy your writing. It always packs a punch.

Chuck said...

That was a great post with a perspective that everyone needs to read and understand. Very well worded!

Disenfranchised for sure.