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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Activism really really works

The recent events regarding the Jena six have proven how activism works. The conversation in the black community regarding this injustice is loud, proud, consistent and growing.

We started with a quiet murmur of dissent, a simple dissection of events. When all the evidence was poured over. The only conclusion was gross injustice based on race.

The current interest is growing.

The National media still ignores this issue just like they ignore the conspiracy theorist who have piled up evidence about the WTC. The powers that be, wherever they are will have to deal with the realization that the great numbers can , make a change.

What profit is there in a cover up?

Fuck That , Stand up

Even if it seems as pointless or as frustrating as mowing a lawn one blade of grass at a time.

We each have a voice.

During a heart to heart about the world and frustration my father offered this solution

"Just think for a moment"

"What if we all flushed the toilet at the same time"?

"What if we all yelled at the top of our lungs at the same time"?

I stayed with that thought I have always played with that thought.

If we whisper at the same time the murmur will shake the earth and tremble the foundations of power waking our dazed leaders out of the oxy nod they must surely get from intoxicating omnipotence. Over time it will be a mighty roar warning anyone we direct it to.

The world is mine, your's and our's.

From the sister(black woman) in downtown Chicago doing data entry to the scholarly professor teaching history. To the technocrat thinking about voting for Obama.

I have a voice you have a voice.

Use it in the world, use it at work. Do not be afraid of people thinking you might be in 'left field' (I'm in center field, the world is in left field). You will be surprised how many morally upright people are just waiting for some one to stand with them.

Don't be part of a herd unless you are on a stampede

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