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Monday, August 27, 2007

A Pompous Culture

The guilty plea has been cast. Vick will do 12-18 months in the pokey. America can rest easy now.
Never mind the 3billion people who eat dog they are all savages.
I am sorry I can't grasp the severity of Vick's offence. I am part of the lunatic fringe who has witnessed a fight or two. I am part of a culture that shrugs its shoulders when people cry over dogfighting. I am not alone.
The new enemies of the state are the same old enemies, black men.
recently the sherriffs office in Phoenix Arizona raided rapper DMX's house where they found twelve malnourished pitbulls.
I am sure DMX has seen a fight or two his self.
In a world full of violent imagery I wonder why people are so surprised when some form of violence ends up on their doorstep or two acre backyard.
I have witnessed several shootings (two murders) and I have never been to war.
I grew up in America.
Maybe that is why I don't think dogfighting is a big deal.
I think its even more ridiculous to go to jail for it.
In the land of hypocrites it is hard to be right.
We should draw the line somewhere shouldn't we?
Why do we allow the wholesale slaughter of cows and pigs?
Life is life... right?
Can we conveniently justify it?
You will find me shrugging my shoulders on that one too; I eat meat
If law enforcement makes dogfighting a priority guess who will be going to jail.
Young brothers in the city.
All those people in the suburbs with their beautifully manicured lawns can cry out in outrage over Vick's crimes but sleep easy knowing their Katrina hedgefund is solvent.
It is not the dogfighting that pisses everyone off I think it is the electrocutions and drowning of the animals that bother people.
America is full of hard asses why get squemish now?
Dogfighting goes back hundreds of years.
In America it took on a whole new intensity.
The culture that bred a captive population of humans also bred a new and ferocious fighting dog that could tear anything on the other side of the Atlantic apart.
We are a violent country. It is that simple.
Dogfighting is bloodsport in a country with blood industries (eat meat)those are not games.
Here we are fueling the world with arms and toxins but a dogfight is on the headlines. I am wide awake I will not get behind any bullshit smokescreens.
When we bomb Iran I bet someone else gets busted; maybe an ass fucking governor.


luminaria said...

you give me something to chew on here. i'm one of the ones who feels kicked in the gut over abusive deaths of animals and people, i don't care who they are. you're right about the hypocrisy, and that fills me with rage. i hear they're going to legislate on clothing styles (loose and baggy, etc.) too, which is blatant profiling. this is SHIT. when are we all going to boil over and fucking bring it all down?

fairlane said...

"when are we all going to boil over and fucking bring it all down?"

Let me know when we do because I was fucking fed up a decade ago. I'm about to give up, pack me shit and leave.

Dancy, I feel you on the hypocrisy and I agree. I'm a vegetarian, and have been for over 15 years. I always find it interesting when people make distinctions when it comes to animals. I imagine cows make good pets. And what better animal to guard your house than an 800 lb. bull?

I mentioned before that my problem with animal violence is violence against animals is a good indicator of how a society treats human beings.

If people can slaughter animals, who don't do shit but eat and shit, without remorse then the people better watch the fuck out.

The racial aspect of it irrelevant to me.(As far as my perspective. I understand race is an issue). I don't see this as a "Black" problem. It's an "American" problem. This country was founded on blood, and I guess that's how we're going to go out.

Unless, as Luminara mentioned, people finally wake up and say, "Enough."

I said this previously. You should post more often.

David B. Dancy said...

Thanks guys I need more authentic perspectives to be a well rounded man. I have blind spots and my insensitivity about dogfighting is a by product of our culture that i am trying to deal with.
I fear the Earth will boil over before we tear it down. Pray for nature to balance the scales. We will rely on each other.
As long as homeless people need medical treatment rich people should not be able to go to the veterinarian.