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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Michael Vick vs The U.S.

What if American men and women were fought like pitbulls? What if the government took young men in their prime, honed them physically and programmed them mentally to fight. What if they trained some of them to kill ? Putting them through life threatening , grueling situations to prepare them for the hardships of battle.

What if they did it with thousands and actually fought them in a high stakes gambling den located in Iraq?

What if the guys that fought these innocent young men were found guilty of treasonous crimes?

Would they be pardoned?

I can see the defenders of our legal system lining up now.

The racism charges regarding Vick's techno lynching has some merit. These rich, white, power brokers are trampling all over the Constitution and the sacred laws passed under it. While the federal Government goes after an athlete for crimes that pale in comparision to an illegal war.

The dog racing industry also has a dog disposal side to it, those people get fines all the time. Fined, no jail time , no Feds.

It is incredible to me.

I read old newsclipping about lynchings and other outrageous events. The language has changed but the sentiment hasn't. The assumption of guilt is overwhelming.

When Kobe Bryant was charged with rape the same thing happened.
No facts, just assumptions .
A rush to judgement.
A mob mentality.

The Headline for the Denver Post read in bold letters SHE SAID NO!!!




Remember the L.A. riots? A lot of people thought it was just Rodney King, but it wasn't. People boiled over when, earlier that week, a Jury found a Korean woman guilty of manslaughter and put on probation-no jailtime-for shooting an irate customer, a young black teen, in the back of the head- the clip of the girl being shot was shown over and over on the news. The girl died for stealing orange juice. That same week a black man got two years jail time for animal cruelty.

It is frustrating to see Scooter Libby get away with perjury, treason and a host of other crimes and not see the inside of a cell.

But everyone is screaming for Vick's head.

The NHL gambler Tochet gets two years probation for gambling.

Admitted Steriod abusing slugger Jason Giambi cleared of any wrongdoing, clearly still a fan (media)favorite. Clearly guilty of using roids.

Barry Bonds? Everyone(media) hates him.

How dare that Negro act arrogant
How dare that Negro deny us the opportunity to talk to him.
Who the hell does he think he is?

All the while our human pitfight goes on and thousands more will die and these guys, the ones who are gambling with our lives, will walk away to Kennebunkport counting money, checking their Katrina hedge funds.

But Dave.... we have to save the dogs.


fairlane said...

Well put. I admit I was pissed about the Vick incident. Not nearly as much as I am about this war, but I was pissed.

I see our treatment of Nature as a good indicator of how we treat each other.

However, I agree with the larger point. Racism is alive and kicking in the good Old US of A.

It's so ingrained in everything, and I don't know if this country will ever fully recover from its past.

They need us to hate one another because we're much easier to control.

David B. Dancy said...

Thank you for acknowledgeing the smokescreen. Reconstruction was the first honest attempt at balancing our social scale. The common man did n ot want equality. I think it is different today. Their arte a lot of ramontics who honestly believe in the American ideal in its perfection.
I say perfection because without man messing it up, our con stitution is awesome.

fairlane said...

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I do apologize, but they made me.