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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Caveman

Someone has to say it. The GEICO Caveman has to go. I have to bring up this discussion, because this sentiment has been festering in the minds of many people, I know personally who have felt the sting of racism or , in the cavemans case, cro-magnonism .

Everytime I see a step n fetch it negro 'yassa bossin' to the benevolent master or I see a clip from Birth of a Nation I cringe from an existential meltdown.

My individual ego clashes with the group dynamic everytime I see these cartoonish rap videos.
I know this feeling is not exclusive to black people , but one can draw a lot of parallels based on our experience here in America. I am not sure I am ready to laugh about it.

I cringe everytime a commercial with mostly black people in it is always accompanied with church music, or hyper-vibrato singing.

I cringe when I see childrens programs and the black woman is always sassy with her hand on her hip, but never nerdy.

Face it we need this imagery.

I want everyone that reads this to understand , underlying all the phony(seemingly real) designations that we live up to according to race therein lies an indisputable truth: We are all from the same shit.

Point Blank


fairlane said...

"We are all from the same shit."

That we are and the pile is getting deeper and deeper with each passing day.

luminaria said...

I hate GEICO. It never used to be the crap company that it is now. But that's beside the point. We've all been reamed by soundbytes and stereotypes in this mass consumption nightmare. We don't even KNOW when we're perpetuating them because we're totally unconscious; doesn't matter WHERE our ancestors came from. We're never taught HOW to think, only WHAT to think. As long as we buy into this programming, we'll always BE shit. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

fairlane said...


I added you to my "Blogroll" (That's so corny), and I gave you shit over at my place,and now I'll do it here.

You need to write more. Plain and simple.

The world can never have too many writers.

We're the ones who see the "Shit."

David B. Dancy said...

Fairlane I cannot figure out how to do the blogroll thing. I have made it a goal; so by the end of the week I will have you on my blogroll as well.
As far as writing; I have been a journalist with a monthly in Upstate New york for two years.
I will be freelance reporting for The Syracuse Post Standard as an entertainment critic.
I'm also writing a book. I discovered my love of writing and I willed myself to type fast over the last two years.

I got to go mow the lawn.

Mauigirl said...

Good post, I agree. I liked the gecko a lot better. There is something deeply disturbing about this caveman thing.