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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I am still pissed

I was listening to sport talk radio yesterday. The subject was Mike Vick and his recent guilty plea.
It was one of those sport talk shows where callers can call in and share their opinions on the current subject.
The overwhelming sentiment was Vick is a scumbag.
'this guy should be strung up'
'They should put him in a cage with some pit-bulls'
'he deserves whatever they give him'
One guy called in and asked the announcer what he thinks , if he thought Vick should do serious time. The announcer shared his opinion that Vick should , in fact, do serious time for his crime.
The caller countered with 'What about Scooter Libby'?
Anyone who has read my blog knows I brought that very point up a week ago. The caller asked 'What about Dick Cheney'?
The announcer stuck to his guns"those were isolated incidents that have nothing to do with this case"
The caller reminded the announcer that Scooter Libby was found guilty by a jury after a trial and he has yet to serve a day in jail , he also reminded the announcer that Libby commited treasonous crimes against Americans not dogs.
The announcer was undaunted and asserted "Vick, commited a felonious act, his thug lifestyle will never be justified , they have to set an example.
I assert slavery was a good enough example we do not need any more examples. The black community already knows there is a double standard we do not have to prove it to the rest of America anymore. Some people in the media are up in arms about the NAACP's assertion of my point. If the NAACP does not speak up who will?
Yeah dogfighting is vicious, so is war. Yeah dogfighting is illegal, so is outing a U.S. intelligence officer.
Now, I ask, which is worse?
Oh yeah and while your pondering ask yourself if Vick could get away with accidentally shooting someone?

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fairlane said...

It's funny, after Libby was convicted wingnuts were saying, "What about Clinton?"

Libby should have gotten life in prison, but you really can't blame Bush for pardoning him. Couple of weeks in the joint and that little sissy would be telling the entire world everything they wanted to know about these criminals running our country. Bush pardoned him to save his own ass.

I do think Vick should go to jail. What he did is a felony, and if you or I got caught we wouldn't be on tv nor would we be able to make a "deal." We'd go straight to jail.

I agree racism is definitely involved, but so is another "ism," classism.

There's a double standard for race and for how much money you have.

Vick just got caught up, and the evidence is apparently overwhelming against him or I doubt he'd plead guilty.

Unless the situation is grim, those high dollar attorneys never encourage their clients to fess up.