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Friday, November 9, 2007

Whistleblower Blues

How would you feel if you if you found out you were unwittingly involved in a treasonous plot?

You come to work everyday, do your assignments and stumble upon some unsavory information, files detailing the subversive actions you have been an integral part of.

You have found proof that your company, for whom you have faithfully worked, is engaged in clearly illegal acts on a grand scale against citizens of the United States with the full knowledge of Government officials.

What would you do?

Would you stand there frozen in shock and fear?

Would you tell anyone?

What if no one believed you?

The recent lawsuit filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation against AT&T is the result of someone who acted. Someone brave enough to step out of the herd and do the right thing. You may or may not have heard of this man but he is a true American hero.

Mark Klein

Klein was a peon in the vast corporate network of AT&T Network systems. A hired gun dispatched to a different central office every few months.

Central offices are essentially the same. There is a lot of cable. People, in and out, different equipment- highly classified. There is not a need for a fleet of people to man the operations . The systems are automated.

Mark Klein witnessed the installation of some very powerful surveillance equipment for The NSA and he also noted that a significant portion of the communications traffic was filtered through this equipment.

There were also plans to build similiar systems in other large urban areas throughout the United States.

There is a significant portion of techno jargon being ommitted from this post for simplicity I want it to be understood, in no uncertain terms, we are being listened to, lied to and when necessary- watched.

In a nutshell, they put in equipment that literally allows the government to access or monitor any digital correspondence from anyone, anywhere within the network, in real time.

I guess we can all rest easy that this technology is in the hands of our Federal Government, after all, when has the fatherland ever betrayed us?

What makes this so stinky is our own congress lacks the balls to protect it's constituents. Klein himself has testified and expressed frustration on behalf of our lethargic Congress.

They really don't give a fuck.

They feel it is o.k. to get snooped on; the overwhelming sentiment is : "If you are not doing anything than you have nothing to worry about".

The news media will not touch it. I wonder what multi-billion dollar lobby is employing spin demons to squash this story on every level possible? What bellitling piece of reporting did our national spin doc er' national news show on the subject.

I admit I gave half a shit when I first heard about the eavesdropping I did not understand the technology they were using . I have the benefit of experience when it come to communications. The whistleblower did it all for me.

He brought it home.

He put a bow on it.

He wrapped it all up for me.

Congress is doing the rest.

By doing nothing.

There has been very little coverage of this situation.

Big Surprise

Strange, surreal- this front page news.

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