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Monday, December 7, 2009

ClimateGate-Obama Backlash Leaving Welts

Who out there would like their vote back?

Who feels John McCain, Ron Paul, Ron Reagan or Ron McDonald should be steering the American ship?

Honestly McCain looked capable until you saw Palin, with her signature icy grin, standing behind him sharpening something.
McCain looks capable because he is not President.
Obama is...still President
You are... still pissed.
It is not his fault.
The pressure of his office is starting to show.
We knew he was human when we chose him right?
We also knew he was poised to inherit the most fucked up America in world history.
Incredibly Obama has not lost his swagger, but he has lost his semi-fake political smile.
Like a 'game pit' he wilingly steps into the bullseye ready for a fight. He has simplified a complicated American tragedy by addressing two things.
Healthcare and Afghani-Talibanistan.
Where are the other candidates?
Who is running in (let me dumb it down) 0-12'?

Ron Paul? Destroyed by Bruno, Ron Reagan...dead.

Ronald McDonald? He actually is a member of American Monarchy an unseen hand in the political poker game.
Why join the race and play by the rules?

Like always, our Presidential choices were limited .
It is way to early to be thinkin about 2012 anyway (yeah right).

In 08' we were given the option of a shiny new model for the tweny first century leader over the old, reliable, well tuned, gas guzzling battering ram that defined our twentieth century.

We were given (elected) a proven salesman with an understanding for common rhetoric that would unite demographics. We were given a clear choice between doom and gloom war hedgefunds and a more practical, frugal, creative economic model based on innovation and emerging technology.

The people need to be prodded now. Pushed in the right direction. Stripped of their wasteful borrowing ways.

Worried about global warming?

The message is clear: Don't waste your time worrying. The Chinese aren't.

Nothing good will happen until we invest in widespread infrastructure change.
We need to store a lot of carbon folks...a lot of carbon.

Invest in Infrastructure Change.

Invest in Infrastructure Change.

Invest in Infrastructure Change.

It will ignite a movement that will line the deepest pockets of the most daring venture capitalists.

I used to Imagine, I prepare, braced for the worst.

I have to reference the Industrial Revolution to bring this home.

There was a time when American cities that had municipal electricity got it courtesy of direct current D-C. At the time the patent for direct current generators and components were owned by a very influential Thomas Edison. Commonwealth's brother.

In fact, Edison was so influential he singlehandedly retarded our technological progress by about twenty-five years by cock-blocking innovative ideas that did not originate in his lab.

Sound familiar?

A proven scientist by the name of Nikola Tesla actually perfected the DC generators for Edison he also had a more efficient alternating current (AC) that could be boosted (by transformer boxes) and service a much larger area easily and cheaper. He was labeled a fanatic, hoax and kicked out of Edison's lab until the Chicago World Fair. Teslas technology was showcased and subsequently purchased by, let me see...EVERYONE.

It was simply better.

"Dirty deeds... done dirt cheap"

Can you think of any contemporary situations where these types of business practices prevail? Delorean, Tucker....right now believe me there is a good idea being purchased and shelved for the benefit of the bank account.

"Dirty deeds"

Cars that run on water, batteries that recharge instantly, 100miles per gallon for an SUV.

"done dirt cheap"

We went to the moon right?

"Dirty deeds"

All that shit exists (in my innovative dreams).

"done dirt cheap"

Edison did not own or have any financial interest in Tesla's patents and he enjoyed what was referred to as a monopoly with his.

The proof is in the pudding.

Keep moving forward no matter how slow or frustrating it may seem.

Obama knows this.

So do venture capitalistst.



Spartacus said...

How do I get hi-speed mag-lev trains to run here on Long Island. Would be nice to have a train that runs at speeds of 300 mph to get me to work and back. Okay, maybe it's not practical for a very busy commuter rail line, but imagine a train moving at 300+ mph up the Hudson River Valley from Penn Station NY. The airlines and oil industry can and they're playing the role of Edison.

David B. Dancy said...

I agree. The Acela train was a federal baby that could not be stopped. Why that model has not prevailed makes me wonder.
We are in a place right now where we can get a return on our 'stimulus' dollars by actually bulding something that will be used for a long time by a lot of people".
Building these things with an eye on innovation and environmental sensitivity will stimulate growth in new areas.
Electric cars, hybrids need outlets. Solar panels need to be installed on millions of square feet of vacant space in metropolitan areas.
We have to take the 'new economy'plunge. oil and tobacco has run it's practical course.

transformation said...

excellent! thank you. all well said by you......... david korn, heuristical at twitter.

David B. Dancy said...

Transformation...interesting word.

David B. Dancy said...

Slappy-Read a book on Edison...any book, then look up the Chicago World Fair. It was not just Edison...JP Mofrgan and Westinghouse were locked in a battle for economic dominance with poublic utilities. Edison and Tesla were very good pieces on a very large board.
The bottom line profit margin of Amtrak has nothing to do with this post. It is the fixation on the bottomj line that retards our progress in so many areas. Long term profits are not measurede quarterly...I thought you may have known that being a financial guru...bailout anyone?

David B. Dancy said...

Slappy- there was recent patent application for a quick recharge battery. The obvious application is for cell phones and cars. It will take about four seconds for your phone to charge...give it two years. Things have changed a lot since you last took physics Slappy.It is called progress and it is byond your wildest dreams. You sound like people at the turn of the century who said flight is impossible. It is people like you that recieve corporate welfare and still walk with an air of pomposity reserved for red nosed drunkards living off their family's money. Without imagination and fantasy you would not have any frequent flier miles.
Get real Slappy learn how to be first.

David B. Dancy said...

Fast recharging batteries for cell phones are meaningless. You simply buy a new battery and put it in. The switch takes less than a minute.

Meaningless? to the short sighted that is true.
I think you need to know i also have a background in electrical engineering I was a Central office communications equipment installer for several years we routinely ammended the work of engineers whos knowledge of the field was often limited to schematics. in other words they were not to hip when it came to practical applications.The dame goes for you and any conversation on progress and or innovation.

David B. Dancy said...

Slappy-Having a background as a tool-belt guy installing equipment and claiming you have engineering experience is like saying because you changed a flat tire on your car, you understand the principles on which the engine runs

hold it right there that is quite a leap. It is the same as an engineer working in finance (you) giving people advice on what to do with their hard earned money. Maybe you have dual degree in engineering bad advice?

My knowledge of communications and central offices is all encompassing. I personally installed power backups for Central offices. it is essentially twenty giasnt duracells moiunterd atop each other. They are connected to a giant diesel mounted on the floor. They are for emergency use. I have installed fiber, cat5, coaxial. There are a lot of different tools in my belt.
BTW batteries have been around much longer than the 1800's...

Slappy-Finally, experimental batteries for electric cars have over-heating problems. Sometimes the overheating leads to explosions. As long as explosions are possible, the batteries will remain in the laboratory.

That is right experimental. But like you said, that is meaningless, easy installation and change will be the key. You will be able to pick-up a fully charged battery at the station, you leave your spent battery to be re-charged.

David B. Dancy said...

Slappy-There's no chance we will one day have a battery-powered plane.

When did planes get in the conversation? dare to dream slappz? No there probably won't be a battery powered plane. No, there will be a plane that draws it's power right out of the Ionosphere.
dare to dream, then invest wisely.
You see Slappz this is not about what's better it's about what is new. We need new streams of income , we need emerging new markets and technologies to captivate the masses.
A brand spanking new economy wherer billions of new dollars, unencumbered by a pesky gold standard, need to be printed.
I helped build the backbone for what we are using right now.On Private and federal projects. Without the legal floodgates being opened, the years and hours of work, all the investment and its current all encompassing importance would be lost to us all. What if the enemies of opening the Networks (world wide web) to civilians had won?
We would not be having this correspondence.