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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tiger Woods Re-Tread (You are not alone)

The original post is about Guv Spitzer but there are so many parallels I had to repost. I keep thinking about it and I think Tiger is getting the worst of it.
He had me fooled.
I thought he was kinda prudish.
Lame, probably a dick.
But honestly at the end of the day I really never even thought about how much T-Woods was getting laid.

I still don't give a...
The lesson here is simple. If you are gonna be good at something,
the best,
get in front of what you like.
What You Really Like.
Your Weakness
Get Out In Front Of It
The public will understand,
look at Hasselhoff.
As for Tiger?
I'm a Huge Fan Now.

I Tried
I tried to stay out of this. I tried to let it go.
As an official observer and loyal participant of the blogotronosphere.
I can't let it go.
You probably know what current bombshell scandal I am alluding to. If you already OD'd on it...sorry.
I must continue this sordid conversation.
Give my fresh perspective.
As a resident of New York State and a practicing member of the armchair sociologist society, I am obligated to not only offer my two cents but to also include my perverse view of the whole mess.
It is a clash of unrealistic standards, outdated ideas and fundamentalist puritan mores smashing up against reality.
We live in a sex charged society that supports a multi billion dollar porn industry but buying sex illegal?
What about the loophole that makes it legal if it is on film. So basically I can pay a ho and film it and it is all perfectly legal but if I want a little privacy, like a hotel room for instance, it is suddenly an illegal act.
I wonder how many porn producers got busted as johns before they decided to make a buck.
Stupid just like our drug laws.
O.K. back Spitz
Governer Spitzer, who once compared Upstate New York to Appalachia, is a penny pinching john who warns his ho's 'there may be some danger involved'.Do you ever wonder exactly how many businesses sell nooky like the one he was using.
What is the point?
Who are we fooling. Prostitution is here to stay.
What is the big deal?
I don't want to hear any utopian rap about a perfect world where everything is free. Bullshit- we won't see it in our lifetime.
I don't want to hear about your daughters, if you keep a eye on them chances are they won't end up a prostitute, the same goes for sons.
Wake up, there is nothing wrong with sex. I don't care what anyone says there is always someone who is going to charge.
Male or female.
I am not like everybody...people who pay a couple of grand for a nice time are in my envy file. I think it is one of the hallmarks of true freedom to be able to do that along with whatever else you can lump in (as long as ther is no bloodshed).
I can't help it...I like him more now.
Before I was rather indifferent I knew his political affiliations in my part of the state were pretty much limited to the Oneida Indian's Land into Trust issue and the New York Regional Interconnect power line issue.
In defense of spitz's crack about Upstate Appalachia; I had the opportunity to ask Tom Brokaw what he thought of the comments when he visited Hamilton College on a lecture tour. In his signature voice, smooth as a shot of 100yr old scotch, he replied: "The dairy industry has taken quite a hit here(upstate) and cruising some of these backroads I have observed incredible rural poverty, there needs to be some creative economic development...."
He agreed.
But thats expected.
I love it when people act human.
McGreevy has to be mentioned in the same sentence.
Spitzer bought ass, McGreevy...another story.
I think the American people's expectations are low enough to actually accept that type of behavior and I am surprised he resigned.
He should have played it down, minimized it .Fucked with the whole cult of public conscience. He should have compared himself to McGreevy and asked our mostly hetero populace what they think.He should have cried on T.V.
My Belgian girlfriend told me: "In Europe the men applaude that shit".
I would have rode that shit out...'hey, I'm only human ova here'
But wait a minute.
The actual minutae of the situation has not reached us yet...all the gritty details. Spitzer's penis size, what type of sex he liked and his incessant haggling over price. The shit they would have a hard time editing unlike the Mike Tyson rape trial that included the most x-rated testimony I have ever heard shared in the paper or on television.
He could not escape the fact that he is an asshole...after everyone forgives him for buying nooky they have sit through the evidence that the multi millionaire, or is it billionaire, governor haggles a working girl over price.
You cannot spin out of that (republican shit).
Dude you are rich as hell- pay the girl.
Spitzer was not exposed because what he did was wrong he was exposed because he is a dick.

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David B. Dancy said...

Indeed- I agree with most of your response.
What annoys me about both situations is the knee-jerk media response that implies that someone, other than the respective wives, was let down.
All pro athletes have fidelity issues. It is a chemical response to our urgency to reproduce. In turn, the spectacular lifestyles enjoyed by the best and the brightest make them that much more attractive to legions off skanks.
Ever heard of Six degrees of seperation-I'm sure Tyson and Woods, Jordan , Barkley have had the same women at some point.