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Friday, November 13, 2009

Glenn Breakin It Down

Two thirteen in the morning (the date is at the top real time)the singe of psylocy-whatever still resonating. The oxymoronic , sweet stench of a New york Knick defeat ...what? Glenn Beck with an decidely black , conservative majority in his studio audience. An honest attempt at real Dialogue from Glenn.

I can qoute him.
"O.k. honestly from a white guy...blah blah blah"

It is way to easy for him...he has a black girl as a friend.


If I gave you a rundown of the three previous Radiohead laden hours... fuck it.
Mayhem...nuttin to do wit me.


Michael Steele...what a crock.

Awright Glenn.

The brothas erupt in a mini riot amongst themselves...

Glenn smiles.

Go to commercial.
Ghetto Youtube Video with Negroes rejoicing about Obama and ...Guess what?
Free Money.

In comes Glenn: Free money from Obama...whadya think?

We are on the defensive ...the black people on the panel have to translate the desperation of an uneducated underclass. That is White and Black.
Remember there are only black people on the panel
Defending Integrity.
But Glenn separates the white from the struggle...very well.

The deck is stacked.
I'm changin da channel

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