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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dumb as....

America is getting dumber.

Do you need proof?

The New York Post had a transexual woman posing as a man on the frontpage as the first pregnant man.
There he/she was with his/her wife hugging him/her.
I know a few hardworking Americans, middle of the road people who have raised lawyers, own businesses, pay taxes. They saw that photo and that was enough.
"Jesus Dave can you believe that shit"?
I'll admit I sometimes hang around people who do not read books, newspapers, greeting cards, or checking account balances. None of that has anything to do carpentry, plumbing and drinking beer. I am often the only guy who has, what I consider, an accurate grasp on current events.
"So Dave what do you think of that shit"?
"Well from what I know the guy is a woman and never was a man, she took hormones and had her breasts reduced.
We argued over that point for forty minutes until I countered with indisputable proof.
"Dude I saw the interview on Oprah" On a sidenote Oprah asked when she first experienced gender issues. "I was quite a tomboy, climbing trees, playing mother commited suicide when I was twelve" I'll skip all the psycho-babble-she had to man up.
Which makes it even more baffling. Before I descend into my stupid Americans rant I have to remember, despite the pregnant woman posing as a man, we have come a long way. I have to remember when people used to sign up for military service they could simply use a thumbprint or 'x marks the spot' because they were illiterate. I have to remember reading and writing were not in the list of requirements for law enforcement. I have to remember dueling was a noble way to solve a dispute. I have to remember Jesse Helms has not been dead that long(thanks for reminding me dash). I have to remember the 3/5's rule.
Pregnant man. Yeah, the dad is Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Anything to sell papers right?
I try to keep a stiff upper lip walk the world as an observer, I rarely get involved with an assigned moral stance.
I live very simply. As long as my food does not come off of anyone's plate, I'm good.
But I cannot help being a little dissappointed I think we are starting to digress a bit. The ingredients for mass ingnorance followed by mayhem are starting to mature.
My twentysomething friends provide the best evidence.
I need to preface what I going to write with a simple disclaimer. The young clique I hang with from time to time are not dumb by any stretch of the imagination- they are distracted.
I rarely talk politics with this group but I decided what the hell.
Obviously, Obama began to dominate the conversation.
"Did you guys know Obama has six Presidents in his bloodline"?
"No, but I heard he is related to Brad Pitt"
The conversation somehow shifted to Brad Pitt and it stayed there.
We are not dumber- we have always been stupid.


fairlane said...

What in the hell is going on over here?

You okay D?

Jen said...
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Jen said...

To play into your point, I was shocked when I first saw a photo and accompanying headline for that pregnant man shit, muted on one of the TV's at the gym. Like a zombie I thought 'ooh freak of nature.'When I found out he was actually a woman I was totally pissed. What gives?!

And mmmm Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Don't fight it, just accept it. People like me still read books, we just don't tell anybody about it. Cough, cough, I'm 723 pages into "The Brothers Karamazov," cough.

Jen said...

Okay so I'm only on page 665. I checked. But 723 has a nicer ring to it, right?

David B. Dancy said...

Jen that is soo cool...7/23 is my son's b-day.
BTW you are one of the vanguards of your generation.

Jen said...

Awww that is pretty cool.

Now if only people would listen to me when I tell them I'm a psychic vanguard.

Aymswill said...

Definitely left you a comment on this before, then again I was using Safari web browser on a Dell so who knows what went wrong.

Dave, you gotta stop bugging man. There are still people who read, Im still trying to motivate myself through all of Whitmans "Song of Myself" but I do spend time in the library a lot, reading a lot of articles lately, but you know, college student kinda = lots of reading. I feel like after this one, even my mentor needs some comfort after a while, I don't believe we're regressing though, maybe just at a standstill and no one knows what to do. Kinda like a chaos moment, and no one from government to street level bureacrats know what to do.

David B. Dancy said...

good points Aysha.

the fact that you read a lot is good.
You are not normal or average.
You exceed the standard.
it will natural for you to expect the same from those around you(after college).
Don't be dissappointed.

Ms.Eclectic said...

Thank you so much! Your blog is definitely unique, great writer!