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Monday, March 31, 2008

Do we know anything else?

Life is hard.
From the moment we leave the womb we are forced to breath. Each breath allowing us to continue our concious existence.
Allowing us to feel.
What is painful to some is pleasurable to others.
But isn't it about the feeling?
Isn't it all about the sensation?
I told my mother when I was seven I did not know I was alive until I bumped my head.
I just ate, played, cried, slept , shit, and then ate again.
My first sensation of pain made me value feeling nothing. It made me value eating, playing, sleeping and shitting without slipping and busting my head.
Pain was a warning.
There is no warning for pleasure.
There should be.
Do we know anything else?
Outside of my singular existence there are billions of other singular lives. We all share what we know in every way we can but we can never ever really share ourselves...only stories.
We live in a made up world. Some of us picked our own part in the story(life) others are bit players in someone elses. Some of us refuse to act and are kicked out of the play.
All of us are limited by our singularity. We are limited by our vessel, unable to really walk in anyone elses shoes, yet, we are all connected.
Connected by the physical rules we agreed to when we took breath.
Connected by our gut instincts.
If we get on a quantum level there is no seperation.
DNA and stories.
Stories of love, war, hate and growth.
Ending is beginning.
Winning is losing.
The point is there is no point.
If you understand you shouldn't beause I know I don't
I love it.
I cannot think of a better way to exist in this life.
I am.


Aymswill said...

Dave..."There is no warning for pleasure". && I agree there should be. This piece is really nice, something that I definitely needed to read today.

oh [typo] --> If you understand you shouldn't beause I know I don

zeroherocomments said...

This...Is amazing... truely amazing... The way you've written this, is so spectacular and true! Kind of gives meaning to the phrase "Sad but true", yet at the same time, life is pretty great, isn't it?

Here's the strange part. I spent all day contemplating our existence in the universe, our singularity, our duality, our connection with eachother and the universe. You know, contemplating the meaning of life sort of thoughts. Thinking about how from a quantum level, human existence and time itself has absolutly NO meaning but the meaning we assign to it...

I stopped thinking about that stuff a few hours ago(I tend to obsess from time to time), and would you believe it, I stumbled upon this entry from google. Not by searching for anything relevant to the post, like "our place in the universe" or "Human Connection" or anything to do with quantum anything. No, I found this by doing a google image search for "Elephant Shitting".

I love what you said at the end:

"If you understand you shouldn't beause I know I don't"

Not only do I not fully understand, I do not want to. The more I understand, the more things make sense, the harder it is to wake up and live another day. Ignorance is bliss, irationality add's magic to life.

I hope to talk with you about this kind of thing at some point, I got a feeling it would be a really great conversation.

Take care,