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Monday, February 16, 2009

Octo-Mom + Phelps= Stimulating.

Nadya gets death threats.
Phelps gets dumped by Kellog's.
If you have ever toked the loco weed on a consistent basis there is a 90% chance you have had a POP-TART or a late night bowl of cereal made by who? Kellog's. I would even go out on a limb and assume at least 12-20% of their business is the result of some good chronic.
I know. You're probably sayin to yourself : "You are right Dave, I used to eat cereal after getting stoned all the time"
But you did not do it after winning gold medals...lucky you.
We are so full of shit.
What is up with the bullshit puritanical values we are trying to force down each other's throats?
Crack sells, people buy pussy, drink, watch porn, smoke pot, and on occasion, kill each other. Some even participate in gay sex.
Not just here in Utica New York, but all over the world.
So why do we, in our media, pretend that each one of us do not have anything to do with one of those aforementioned behaviors (feel free to add your own).
We are living in a prelapsarian world perhaps?
Bring back the days of Caligula, when slavery was just a job and grooming was a science.
We are comical in a tragic way.
Blago's hair. Kilmer for Guv.
Spitzer, I trippin?
The effin Governator?- Jesse Ventura?
We jumped the shark years ago (Ronald Reagan).
Are we still at war?
How long have we been at war?
How long will we...?
Shit is crazier than its ever been.
Brace yourselves.
2009 is still young.
But this is more about our newspapers and the editors that pick front pages.
It is about what is important- to us.
I can see it now, the frontpage conference:
"Chris Brown and Rihanna Grammy Brawl...we got art with a few qoutes or two G.I.'s die in Mosul car bomb and economic stimulus" after a two second pause he will undoubtedly pick CB and Rihanna.
I do not blame them.
At least in the sixties they had to report the news. Confused people in the suburbs kept asking why people are burning up the city.
"Hell, we can see the smoke from here"
Back to the War.
It has been what, seven years?
That long?
If people just stay at home and accept the war, murder and billions down the drain then it will continue. I just do not want to hear any more of the two faced, bullshit moral lectures we are soo good at delivering whenever some guy is caught with his dick in the cookie jar or face in a bong.
We can't all be the best. There has to be a reward to being the best. We all know what those rewards are.
It is called anything you want baybay...anything you want.
We have a seemingly hard time accepting a bong toke from one our finest young people.
Yet we somehow accept the backdrop of war and the scenario with same person shooting someone.
It has been Grandfathered into our psyches. The idea.
Our indifference to it. Our arrogance about it. Our haughty, wasteful lifestyles will be our undoing if we do not change.
Electric Cars, Hydrogen Cells, thermal heat for homes.
Hardly revolutionary, but practical and sustainable.
It has nothing to do with political partisanship and everything to do with hypocrisy.
I am as guilty as anyone else. I leave the same carbon vapor trail that you and your kids produce.
But I imagine a different world.
Do you too?
I sit idly by as my chosen representatives vote us out of the future.
Do you too?
I sit silently.
I do.
Stifling a cough.
You too?
Waiting for someone, something to save us from ourselves.
We need a new economy.
A new infrastructure.
We always start here...then we sell it to the world.
And Start all over again.


Ay'Ms Will said...

I just read this aloud with my friend Jony, and all we could say is "Real F*CKN Talk."

David B. Dancy said...

Luv y' know it.
Did you hear about Anthony Ruffin?

Ay'Ms Will said...

Yeah man. Craziness -- I was trying to figure out the whole situation, Mom called and told me. Along with checking the OD. But anyhow ummm yeah it's really crazy and disappointing, and yet we see where the youth of inner-city Utica is going. A lot to say, going to the other blog you posted today to read. So there'll be more comments. Lol.