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Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Word

It is etched in stone.
The next performance of PG-13 is scheduled for March 7th at Thornberry's.
In the meantime I am going to try and find something good to do.
For starters I will be doing a live on-air interview with David Horowitz (the guy pictured above) the controversial conservative pundit.
I just recieved word it will not be this week, but stay will happen.
Horowitz is one of the most enigmatic political pundits in contemporary America.
His new Book 'One Party Classroom' hits the shelves on March 10th and is guaranteed to piss-off and alienate at least a million new readers.
He, unlike many of his peers, is not an easy target.,
Horowitz's well thought and decidedly conservative stance is a result of his refusal to be a hypocrite.
Horowitz was raised in a household that embraced communism during the McCarthy era during the fifties.
In the sixties he went on to earn multiple degrees from U.C. Berkeley where he got his feet wet in the protest movement.
His activism also garnered him a reputation, he became on outspoken member of the counter-culture movement.
But why reject the trappings of a good education and loyal following by living a life of sacrifice to the 'state' ala communism?
No, Horowitz was/is a smart guy and knew he was going to make money...something capitalists do.
Make money and lose money (Madoff).
But he has, like I wrote earlier, pissed a few people off along the way.
I really do not know the intimate details of his politics (on purpose). I know he has been labeled a Jewish nationalist by appointment , he has never said this to me. I also know he has been called racist by , white, black , muslim and hispanics.
I will not be influenced by anything I have read about him because I know in the proper context, anything can be made to 'make sense' or be grounds for commital.
Ironically, in a world psycho-social way, he has lot in common with Farrakhan his alternate universe doppelganger.
Not really, but they both serve as the watchdogs for their people( Jews, Blacks respectively). They both will offer their unflinching opinion without apology to anyone who will listen and/or be offended.
Their views are often at odds but they still seem...the same.
I think it has something to do with the ability to make people think through extreme anger.
It does not matter.
Horowitz is relevant.
His opinion matters, a lot of people agree with his thoughts, ideas and theories.
Important people.

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