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Friday, January 16, 2009

Pg-13 opens 1/23

Ever since I worked in the entertainment industry I have always wanted to open in Utica. I would lie awake at night after working the Saturday shift at All Jokes Aside (Chi-Town comedy club) dreaming of the day I could grace the stage er' -(cough)- banquet room of the majestic and quaint Thornberry's Restaurant.
My ship has come in people because on Jan 23rd I will be hosting what is being described as the best and most unique line up of local talent since the Gong Show.
There will be poets bringing a true element of quality. There will be musical performances...about which I know very little. You all must understand I just want to provide a moveable format that will showcase in and around all of New York State with only one single element of consistency: it will be hosted by yours truly David B. Dancy.`
There will be honesty. I will be as much a member of the audience as anyone else; although I may be asked to participate in some improvisational exercises.

The fact is, many of the acts that scheduled to perform are new to me. it addds to the excitement. We hope to make this a bi-monthly event but the possibility of its growth is limited by the demand for live performance. If we can tap into malaise of an otherwise dull friday night with some drinks, music and laughter you would be crazy not to come out.
On a broader note there will be one of a kind exeperiences such as the lecture by resident performance artist Alex Jager. He will do a slide show lecture on his recent trip to the California hot springs and my hometown: San Francisco.
I'm excited.
I'm psyched.
I don't even know what I am going to say.
But guess what?
I ain't worried.


Spartacus said...

Don't worry bro, the words will come to you. More importantly, never let the audience see you sweat, unless you're performing physical comedy or you're pole dancing under hot lights. Then and only then, will perspiration be cool. Have fun.

BTW... will your act hit the road? If so, will it get to the NYC area? Let me know.

Mike said...

And what a night it was! Sal called the next day and said "that went well..." I wanted to smack him after the bundle of nerves he was!

Thank you for your quick wit and sense of humor. We couldn't have chosen a better host!

David B. Dancy said...

Sal is awesome. You also added an element of excellence.