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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I just don't...well i do

The role model is officially dead.

For me, it started with Earl Campbell.

Not many of you, sans Kelso, will even remember or know who Earl Campbell is/was.

"Skoal Baby"

We wonder.

We wonder what happened to sports in America.

What happened to the role model?

The Answer:

I am going into a different font because I WANT TO SAVE a thousand word preface to my point...instead I will expertly manipulate the malleable gratify me now sensibility of the American Appetite.


Back to reality.

I was an asshole in school- I questioned everything.

I am the proud owner of a sub 3.0 grade point average.

I am proud because I never heard the term -" Dude quit Jewin me"- until I went to St. Mary's

I am proud because my credit sucks ( at least on the grid).

I am proud because I never expected much more from people who are good at what they do.

What the fuck do they owe us?

We have not even delved into the steroids and the experimental stages of it's effectiveness.

I wonder how many world records ?

Should I mention Clemens?

Oh yeah fairlane touched on that one.

Spin is magic.

Like Imus.

Who cares?



KELSO'S NUTS said...

Thanks, Dave. Houston Oilers bruiser, baby. What an RB!

I don't know why I feel this way but for some reason "Dude, quit jewin me" doesn't offend me. It didn't as a child and it doesn't now. I guess it has to do with diasporal pride. Business was, is, and 'twil ever be one of our things.

I can't say for sure, but I would think the billiards term "Nigger pool" might evoke the same feelings in you, the meaning of said phrase implying Black players' skill, precision, patience and intelligence at the game.

For the uninitiated, "Nigger Pool" is a style of play which emphasizes the bad "leave" for your opponent rather than the aggressive attack at potting balls.

Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Pete Rose, and Shoeless Joe Jackson belong in the Hall Of Fame. Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, Buck O'Neill and about 25 other "Negro" league players deserve their own exhibits in the main hall. The Hall Of Fame is about BASEBALL ACCOMPLISHMENTS, not about the yellow journalism of the day.

For those now who would praise Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, and Muhammad Ali, yet damn Bonds, please face facts and admit that you would have hated Robinson, Aaron and Ali then far worse than you hate Bonds today. I was old enough to follow baseball and boxing when Aaron broke Ruth's record and Ali established himself as lb-x-lb the greatest fighter of all time. For those younger then me, believe this: it was far nastier for those two than it has been for Bonds and it's pretty nasty for Bonds.

I believe following his convincing TKO of Hatton a few weeks back, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., has made the top 10 lb-x-lb of all time. Read a few things on White boxing blogs about Pretty Boy and see how little things have changed.

Mayweather and David Geffen by the way get my vote for top 10 lb-x-lb Businesspersons of all time. Mayweather bought out his contract from Bob Arum for $900,000, the same amount Geffen paid Sub Pop Records for the rights to Nirvana.

What irks me most about the Mitchell Report is that the only three players whom it seems to exonerate are Clemens, Pettitte and Roberts, the only WHITE CONTEMPORARY STARS on the list.

Surf around with,, and to get a non MSM viewpoint on these issues.

David B. Dancy said...

I hate the term 'nigger rig', nigger lip, nigger.

I have never reacted violently behind it.

But I always considered the character and motives of the guy that chose to use those words in my presence.

They all paid one way or another for making me uncomfortable.
My father always told me to never fight over that word . He said'it'll make you an easy mark- if anybody wants to piss you off, you know , push your button just call dave a nigger". I instantly got yhr upperhand in situations where my 'cool' was a necessary ingredient. Besides there is always an equally insulting name to shoot back.

Earl Campbell was one of the best examples of what our modern sports culture was becoming. A guy who sacrificed his future health for a moment of glory today.thereare soo many others Ray Guy, Kenny Stabler, John Matuszak, I would assume most of those guys not only did steroids but they actually played high- and won.
Fuck asterisks.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


I'd never try to push your button, make you a mark or try to get the overs on you in any way.

I am sharing something I think is important. "Kike," "Sheeny," Nickel-Nose," "Christ-Killer," "Bootlegger," "Pornographer," "shylock," "launderer" and such terms do not offend me. "URBAN ELITIST," "INTELLECTUAL," "FINANCIER," however, do offend me very much. Forever being "comic relief" in Hollywood movies and "the psychiatrist," or the "lesbian" in soap operas offends me. The tough-stuff I wear as a badge of honor. The code-words make me crazy.

I think you get where I'm coming from. There is in fact a very powerful Malcolm X speech to that effect in which he claims to "understand" South African apartheid but damns American segregation.

I can't be sure about this but I'd guess the phrase "some of my best friends are black" is far more offensive to you than "nigger" is. There is only one answer to that old canard: A FRIEND IS SOMEONE YOU HANG OUT WITH AND SHARE COMMON INTERESTS WITH. Short of that, you are dealing with a stone-cold racist.

You get it. You understand how someone calling me "smart" without knowing me would piss me off more than "fucking kike" would.

David B. Dancy said...

Kelso you have effectively covered every possible angle on that issue, know where you are coming from.

When someone tells me I am smart my spidey senses kick in...then I sign on the dotted line.

Just kiddin.

I never sign.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in a rural southern culture for fourty five years where these epithets are commonly tossed about and they still make me wince.

Dylan said...

In relation to David B. Yancey (though this is fairly tangential to your point): I'm writing a screenplay and looking for a coloquial term that can be equated to "nigger-lip" in reference to smoking cannabis. I don't want the potential racial backlash from the term. Any alternatives?

David B. Dancy said...

Dylan as long as you block your profile you get nothing. I have a whole bunch of terms you can use and avoid losing your 'ghetto pass', but unfortunately you are not paying me and i freelance so this is as good as it gets.
Besides you really do not care about potential racial backlash.
The whole spirirt od the question is derogatory. I never ask for help when I am writing...i do not think your screenplay will do very well.
You need to go out and live a little find out for yourself what can will cause a potential racial backlash.
One thing. Authenticity and integrity are hard to come me you have one of those qualities and i will grant your request.

Dylan said...

Everything can cause racial backlash in certain situations, and evidently this question in this context was one of those situations. I come from a small town in Wyoming and hear a lot of uninformed racist speech. I don't have many experiences outside of the ninety percent white high school I attended. I don't know if I have a profile, honestly that was my first blog-post ever. Careless? Yes, but I have to learn somewhere. I do care about racial backlash and don't see how the spirit of the question is derogatory, but I do see that it was definitely careless. Context will cause racial backlash I just don't know how that term would be taken when used casually in a group of all white teenagers. But on second thought I do know, because it's not about the words they use it's about how they use them: context once again. I hear that kind of language used frequently and it always makes me uncomfortable due to its inherent ambiguity. I am not you and writing cannot be created in a vacuum. I don't understand how you can make a base judgement about a piece of work you know nothing about. "Ghetto pass" has nothing to do with it, it's about understanding. I come to you humbly and apologize for the offense. I don't know how to show you with the words I have that I am authentic, or have integrity, but I can give you and have given you what you need to know that I am a foolish person who is interested in reconciling that.
- Show quoted text -

David B. Dancy said...

It is o.k. Dylan I suggest you keep writing, I also suggest you use whatever words you want and do not worry about any backlash.
I cover the subject of race often in my posts i welcome you to peruse what I have already written ,. I represent the contemporary black experience.
I did go out on a limb in regards to your screenplay, for that , i apologize.
Write on man write on
How did you find Dancys Corner

Dylan Przygocki said...

Apologies, reprise: I’m sorry. I was intending to be politically correct, political correctness is not reality and art is. I treated you like some guru simply because you had the discussion in your blog when you’re really just some guy I know nothing about. I did read the discussion and value its contents, but I what I didn’t realize was that those thoughts were not for me and in turn, mine were not for you. So once again I apologize and thank you for helping me realize the nature of my error. I found this post through google, searching for synonomous terms. In retrospect a fake proposition and a copout.