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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

AJ Foster: Honing His Craft

Some people feel 'right at home' on stage, performing. It does not matter what type; singing, dancing, drama or comedy. There are people who are soo good its hard to imagine they have to do anything else to make a living.

Utica has a Comedian like that. The type of performer you can't imagine doing anything else. A young man from The Bronx New York that first called Utica home (2006) as a student at SUNY IT.

"When I first moved here it wasn't like I came to do comedy" he revealed during a telephone conversation. "I actually got into some campus events such as contests and competitions" he added.

He was chosen for MTV's Yo Mamma and ended up in The Semi-Finals. "We taped over the summer so I didn't get to see myself until November". It was AJ's first ever performance unless you count the sixth grade play.

"My classmates (at SUNY) were like you should just jump right in" when giving comedy career advice. But AJ stayed the course. "I always wanted to do this" he explained. "But getting my degree was my number one priority" he soberly admitted.

AJ did just that, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems from SUNY IT and immediately went to work; both on his comedy and his chosen trade.

AJ takes failure personal, to heart, one can be sure his professional accomplishments rival his artistic success. One of the things that seperate AJ from his contemporaries is his preparation. He is meticulous about his act and has racked up multiple competition victories in a short amount of time.

"Its weird, I mean, when AJ's on stage its like your laughing before he even says anything" offered Phil Farda, local producer from up and coming Comedy Central New York.

"I watch the greats in this business" AJ said sounding more like a student than seasoned pro."I'm always working on my craft, I always try to see what is 'behind' the laugh, why people react the way they do" he added. "But I credit my parents for my work ethic, they are both hardworking people and thats what I know"

There is a balance between proper preparation, a meticulous act and the ability enjoy the process. "There was time I was rather hard on myself, it took away from the experience" he admitted "But I gave myself a break"

Most recently AJ opened for legendary David Alan Grier from "In Living Color" at Foxwoods Casino where he also came in Second For The Last Comic Standing Competition.

"That was great he paid attention to my act. He said : 'when Im in the old folks home and yer on teevee, I'll tell everybody I knew that kid' that was pretty cool".

Many people feel the same way. AJ's rapid ascent is exciting to watch and everyone involved in the Comedy Business in The Northeast knows his name. He is one of the busiest people I know...Period

If you have not had the chance to see him yet-get with it- he will be at Hotel Utica on Dec 16th and at The Syracuse Funny Bone with Jesse Mae Peluso from MTV's girl code on Thanksgiving Weekend. In The Meantime Check out AJ Foster on his website for any updates.

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