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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Hearty Welcome to New England's Chris King

Chris king is truly a Brotha from anotha Mutha. He has exposed a number of cover-ups and continues to shed light in some of the darker corners of New England Politics.
I hope the Readers of Dancys's Corner are inspired and do your part to keep integrity and transparency in the forefront of local and National politics.

No matter where you are.
Get involved, go to the occasional City Council meeting.
These elected officials work for you.

check Chris out at and tap in.

This is an excerpt from Chris's latest entry:

KingCast to Senator Letourneau on SB 154 being properly tabled: "I told you so.... a year ago!"

Then I told Senator D'Alessandro and the Public Works Committee the
same thing. At the risk of being redundant (said redundancy being occasioned by your hegemonic attempts to shove this ill-founded legislation down the throats of North Country residents) maybe you get the message now.

I think they get the message Chris.

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