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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Future Shock

I have never been as optimistic about our collective progress as I am now.

Do not get me wrong.

We have a long list of issues at home and abroad that are of monumental importance but we are rapidly moving in the right direction.

Blame it on Gen X.

The Dreamers.

We were the first to really go beyond the dream of a world with cars that run on water. A world with a Female or Black President. A world with integrity.

Reality sets in.

My optimism is tempered with a heavy dose of cynicism that will not allow me to ever have feelings of giddiness. No, I am limited to nothing more than optimism and occasional surprise.

Just like an overstimulated peptide it is harder and harder to get a rise out of me. But I still find myself approaching excitement in light of recent events.

Obama was a surprise (still is for me).

The recent policy change regarding Medical Marijuana.

The Nobel Peace Prize.

Rio de Janeiro? Olympics?

Surprise. Surprise. Surprise. Surprise.

I should also list the fact that Tesla Motors is still in existence.

Not a Big Surprise considering it's obvious market leverage in the near future. The venture capitalists just need to hold on until legislation...then, of course, they will turn a nice profit.

In some strange way it seems the generation that I have been a part of all my life (X) is starting to make it's mark beyond the world of punk rock and consumerism.

We are not alone, we get a lot of help from Gen Y.

You see, we have always thought Pot was o.k. or - at the very least - not harmful.

You see, we have always thought peace was cool unless the fight is about sports, drug turf, beer or little sisters.

We also did not readily buy the idea of hate based on race.

I'm not saying there are no exceptions.

I'm referring to the cash register.

I'm talking about the pop-culture anonymous majority.

People who bought M.C. Hammer and Mike Jackson records. A lot of em' that watch the NFL or NBA hate black folks but they root for them.

"Go buy me that nigger Jackson record". or more recently "Get Niggy wit it". Even better "I don't ever want to see you in that jersey again...get the Favre"

It is not o.k., but it is better today. In the recent past those harmful words were usually punctuated by a night of possible nigger (mexican, chink, fag) hunting or beating.

The anonymous majority. The people that used to wreak havoc and terrorize society's subordinates have calmed down.

The same People who knew it was a good idea to put Earl Campbell on Skoal, Michael Jordan on Wheaties and before him, O.J for Hertz.

I'm talking about the music we listen to the cereal we buy...The American Brand.

White and Black interacting, sampling the best of what each have to offer, safely.

The chaotic ever changing world seeming to evolve in an enlightening way. The evangelical remnants of ignorance persist but have no real bearing, just a bullying presence on the political schoolyard.

White people, sick and tired of the bullshit put on by their ignorant brethren...are waking the fuck up.

Don't forget Native Americans, Hispanics and Asians carving additional Niches in the socio-political landscape. In California, where I grew up, The Gay Rights movement has lobbied it's way into the conversation.

Thank God we have a Constitution to sort it all out.

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