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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ready Set...Repeat

I am reposting this piece sans some time sensitive language, it was written right before Christmas of 07'.
I am nopt strokiong myself but i must admit i haVE BEEN a bit of a prophet

I live in fanatical netherworld of Patriotic fervor barely contained by high taxes and a bad economy. I guess the subpar living conditions provide just enough of a distraction for people to go home after work instead of joining a militia.
That is what irks me.Underlying all the Patriotism is a naivete a complete gullability.

People trust the Government.The modern American man has forgotten why we had all these checks and balances built in to our government in the first place.

Our founding fathers simply created a structure that would require magical conspiratorial powers to pull off any bullshit on the American People at least for any prolonged period.

Just like the evolution of the urban rat sometimes you have to build a better trap .
Which leads us to our current State Of The Union.
The Government we trust so much would love to wish you a happy election.
May you create a debt so large you work every day of your life to recreate this experience ONCE a year.
May your property value tumble and your mortgage foreclose.
We will be there to help you pick up the pieces, maybe.
Especially at this time of year.
May you prepare for continued, neverending war. Invest in 'our' economy, it is a violent hedgefund.
Most of all, tell your kids to tune in........

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