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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Huckabee & Hillary : Obama Assasins?

O.K. we can all admit our surprise. Obama has a commanding lead and there is only one thing that can stop him...right?

If you ask anyone in the black community if they think he will be killed or someone will try to kill him, depending on the generation, the overwhelming answer is( drumroll please) yes.

Most of us have toiled away and survived in this foreign home with a degree a cynicism reserved for the average blogger and seasoned revolutionary. Black folks are accustomed to last minute rule changes and skullduggery of every kind. We are accustomed to planned disasters that shatter hopes and kill dreams. We have watched our leadership devastated, killed, murdered and terrorized until there were no more leaders.

No more leaders that appealed to white and black people.

The two H's Hillary and Huckabee just reminded the 'old guard' (civil rights veterans) about the age old tactics of our political elite. The mere mention of Bobby Kennedy ignited the slumbering collective conscience of a community that has been devastated by felled leadership.

A community that has been let down over and over again.

Optimism? Hard to come by.

The major point a lot of us are missing is: They killed white revolutionaries too. Anyone who dared rattle the cages of our monarchy was and basically is at risk even if they enjoyed the elite status that most of us are taught to dream about.

In the midst of all this negativity there is also a refreshing occurence, a transformation. I was recently chatting with a local editor of a newspaper. While lowballing me on freelance opportunities, he admitted the Huckabee crack sounded like : "A veiled invitation for a psycho to act out".

Phew I am not crazy after all.

We expect that type of stuff from the stumbling Huckabee but Hillary? We need to remember that she is part of the squad, she used to be on the starting team. She does not want to be a benchwarmer, not after all the progress she has made on her own.

There is no excuse for her statements. You can't spin that. Why even mention the word assasination? A calculated invitation for a psycho to handle their business perhaps?

Most of us know every word every picture is scrutinized before public consumption; there is no 'shooting from the hip' there is no 'keeping it real'. Elections are a scientific balancing act measured and ran by marketing geniuses.

'Assasination' was calculated.

Hillary is determined to go down in flames. A lot of new Yorkers who supported her have switched allegiance behind that crack. She appears desperate and willing to do anything to win or discredit her opponent even at the expense of her party and it's constituents. She has spent the last several months apologizing for this or that.

You cannot win on a platform of apology...can you?

I am convinced if the Republican Party offered her a place on the ticket she would take it.

She is beyond partisan politics we all know that.

The superdelegates are running out of reasons to justify voting for her. It is simply to late for a victory, she needs to salvage what is left of her integrity and bow out. I would say gracefully but it is too late for that, she simply needs to slink away and lick her deep wounds. Black folks will not forget nor forgive her... we are baffled. She will have to let Bill court the black vote for now on.


Aymswill said...


Conspiracy theoristssss. No, I'm right along with you, monarchy, and the vices it will use to attain whatever it wants to use. I remember the 3weeks of Rocci going off on the Kennedy Assassination. Wow.

I have I don't placed into our government than perhaps I should, and stuck down any arguments or claims of assassination. However, it wouldn't be...shattering, or shocking if the event occurred.

There's no take backs, as Hillary is claiming, she's been apologizing left and right, just sinking and sinking. I'm not too sure if she will go over to the Republican side, but I wouldn' surprised if she did.

Lol. I guess there's not a lot of surprises with our government anymore. I don't know...but good piece.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Dave: Read my comment to your June 4 post before you read this...


I disagree with what you've written about Clinton here as much as I disagree with what I wrote about Obama. The voting records are pretty clear on that. Go to Lewis & Poole to see good mathematics on this.

You are familiar enough with the way the rest of the developed world's capitalist-democratic-repubulics work to know that either Obama or Clinton's jumping to a different party would but news but nothing all that weird.

The rest of the free world's ideological spectrum is a bell curve, with the mean being somewhere between center-left and center-right and then spreading out in each direction to the the small tails of communists on the far left and nazis on the far-right.

The center-left and center-right account for about 90% of the world. Most of the free world has settled all of the social issues that bedevil America in a way that would be at the FAR LEFT OF WHERE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF AMERICA STANDS.

Furthermore, the rest of the free world tolerates a little political corruption in exchange for A LOT of freedom.

The USA is unique. It has two parties which must cover huge coalitions of views. Given the origins of the USA, especially the Extremist Calvinists of Salem and the institution of slavery, the USA cannot in our time approach the way the Netherlands or even Israel self-governs. Thus, America has two parties: a Conservative Party and a Nazi Party.

Obama and Clinton are in the center-left of the USA CONSERVATIVE PARTY. There is not a chance in hell that either would or could change parties because the cultural gulf between the parties in America are too large.

In most first-world countries there is absolutely nothing wrong in a young pol in one party switching because of a better offer. The reason is that the debate elsewhere is not about such bizarre issues as war and abortion. It is about how the budget is allocated, which companies are to receive government contracts, what are to be the floors and celilings on food staples, what the university student subsidy will be. Often, the "center-right" party will take a more "liberal" view of an issue than the "center-left" will, all depending on individual circumstances.

The biggest example written in NEON is in the UK. During Tony Blair's government, the position of the Hague/Cameron TORY party was opposed to the war in Iraq, while the LABOUR party was in favor.

I support Barack Obama all the way without reservation. I have a huge problem still with his "fans". I've thought this issue through a lot and I've admitted where I've read it wrong. All Obama had to do to gain my admiration was to show me who he was and what he really thought about the issues. That's it. So, I don't come to this discussion as an ignoramus.

I have my views of whom he's better off and worse off choosing for VP. I'm not going to share them. All I care about as a permanent resident of a foreign nation is that (1) he's elected president (2) the Barack Obama I see before me TODAY is the man who takes the oath of office.

Do not listen to the media. Go to the voting records. Barack Obama is running against the most vile and retrograde candidate the Republicans could have fielded. All I need to do is to quote none other than Pat Buchanan: "McCain makes Bush seem like Ghandi."

I followedt the Democratic campaign very closely and I think that African-Americans got WAY too sensitive about bullshit. But that was the plan of David Axelrod who wrote the book on getting African-Americans ELECTED in America. Obama needed the bruised feelings over bullshit to get there. And good for him. I think he'll be one of the best presidents the USA ever had. But I know this sure as I'm writing in on a Belkin keyboard, when push comes to shove and shove to worse, whom would Obama rather have by his side, David Axelrod DESIGNATED WHITE DEVIL or you?

Whom do you think he'd want, Hillary Clinton or you?

If your answer was "me," and it were me as you, I'd make a run for the border yesterday. Obama is a sophisticated thinker and a good man but make no mistake about it, this is a game about power, not about tribes.

Obama can and will use his power in a lot of ways to make the world better. Don't expect him to use it to "crush the Clintons" because of fantasy shit from a puffball campaign. And if that's what you'd prefer to his being a leader on economics and a leader on world peace and leader on social justice, then you are as bad or worse than the White Supremacists.

At least, White Supremacists keep themselves far, far away and have a view of personal freedom that isn't terrible. I wouldn't want the US government telling me what to do either.

You don't have to love the Clintons. Who's asking you to? I don't love them. They are a power in the party I used to belong to when I was a resident. Nothing more, nothing less. They're not as bad as most.

Do you really think this was that tough a campaign? Go back to some of Kerry and Dean's exchanges in 2004 and then tell me.

If you make this about the Clintons and Hillary Clinton especially and it costs Obama the election, well, I hope it was worth it, because shit is going to rain on the USA like you can't imagine if McCain's president. Ponder one very simple thing: how much US dollar debt is held outside of the USA and how much power that gives some of the world's smaller countries, forget China, Russia, and the EU. Work through some scenarios when you have a moment with no responsibilities. What would Utica look like if the rate of growth in the USA were -1%, inflation were 7%, and the rate of return on t-bills was 0.5%?

Utica would be burning down to a cinder and Obama is the only path out of it, because the primary cause of all of this shit is war. With Obama you have a chance at peace. With McCain you get 2 more wars guaranteed.

I like you a lot, Dave. I want you and those closest to you to be safe and happy and successful. And if it takes you HATING ME AND THINKING I'M A RACIST, it's worth it to me and those closest to me.

The time is to be smart. If Obama's chances get fucked up over campaign tactics in a nomination contest by someone whose views are identical to Obama's, well shit man, I don't live in the US and I know very well how to move about the globe. It's not my problem. I expect McCain to take a run at this part of the world. But I also know how much it costs to have a new identity and new citizenship everywhere.

So, please. You are a first-rate, well-respected guy. If you need to get some recompense for anything Clinton did, just take it out on me instead. That's how important I think electing Obama is.