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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why T.I.?

T.I., a multi-platinum rap artist, arrested for weapons possession; he was charged with a Federal crime.

Michael Vick, convicted for fighting pitbulls.

No argument, these are atrocious acts against The United States of America. I'm sure somewhere, in their lives, exists a nefarious web of deceit, a grievious threat to national security.

Not Likely.
I need to preface the remainder of this post with a simple message.
Mike Vick got screwed.
T.I. is going to get screwed.
I am not going to defend T.I. just yet. It wouldn't matter anyway. All the ingredients of a good, malicious Federal case are there.
Young Black and Rich- "check"
Young arrogant black and Rich- "check"
Probably sold drugs before- "check"
I think the recent murder of his close friend in Cincinatti may have raised a few eyebrows.
The Feds got involved.
I don't think the Feds were necessarily trying to vindicate the loss of life. Like any other crime they saw it as an opportunity to investigate further. To learn intimate details about a high profile person.
Black people are not the only ones to suffer from this phenomenon. But with us, the stakes get higher much faster and there is no patience on behalf of our legal system.
Just ask Mike Vick how his life was completely turned upside down- it started with a bong.
There is no doubt T.I. was thoroughly investigated, it may have been revealed he got a hard on from machine guns and other weapons of mass mayhem. He may have been overheard talking some crazy shit midway through a blunt. His boys sorrounding him- egging him on.
The Feds ,listened.
They learned.
They promptly set him up.
His bodyguard was caught attempting to purchase automatic weapons equipped with silencers.
The Feds gave his hired goon an option.
"Go through with the deal and we will cut you slack- these guns weren't for you were they"?
The bodyguard alledgedly took $12,000.00 in cash to purchase the weapons.
T.I. was present to pick up the weapons.
Hours later he was scheduled to perform at the BET music awards. He also went on to share the victory for best album with Common. But , of course, he wasn't there to recieve it.
Let's face it. Rappers are hard to defend. Plus, it is to early to tell exactly what went down.But I am the 'vanguard of the disenfranchised' I have to stand with T.I.. Until some bombshell information comes out and we discover the man planned a mass murder spree I am content to construct the real story for you all.

As I mentioned T.I was grieving the death of a close friend during a shootout. It is possible there was still a credible threat against someones, namely T.I.'s, safety. Bodyguards handling automatic weapons can be comforting for a fledgling Kingpin who has endured threats of all shapes and sizes since he came up.

What if he was preventing another Biggie Smalls BET Awards murder. Maybe he was clearly threatened during the awards festivities by some unknown rival.

Do these scenarios justify the acquisition of weapons of mass mayhem?

To answer that for him would be foolish.

Fuck it- He was clearly justified.

To understand would require a deeper than average understanding of the adversarial relationship ex-cons have with any form of law enforcement- even the 'good' ones.

Anyone who has any sense knows T.I was not going to pull a Scarface and wipeout a maruading army on his sprawling Estate.

He has bodyguards.

They need guns.

I'm going with the credible threat scenario and I am sticking to it.

Come to think of it- he just might not get screwed.


elijah wilborn said...

yo david it was nice that u put something about T.I. because nobody really knew about that incident. T.I. might of been trying 2 kill someone or 2 protect himself from dying who knows?


indira wilborn said...

too bad there's a curse word on there and i saw it. Too bad, so sad. Love Indira

Anonymous said...

We have a fat lot of nerve calling this a "free" country when by the color of your skin, you are immediately suspected of committing crimes.

Great post here/at Jonestown.

David B. Dancy said...

Elijah- you are cool.

Indira I am glad you came to visit. Tell mommy to read it first that way you can avoid any cuss words. Uncle David is sorry.

D-Cup- I love your name anything you write has to be good.

ClapSo said...

I’m sorry to have been away for so long.

I will be posting for the first time in weeks tomorrow (Friday Oct. 26, 2007). I will also be posting the latest edition of ClapSo’s video Funhouse on Saturday, and hope to resume my normal daily schedule soon after…

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