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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What is the purpose?

If you are familiar with me, great, wonderful. I am glad you would take the time out of your important day to take a look inside my head. The internet provides sooooooo much information,unfortunately it is only as good as the person using it- it is only fitting that it also provide a space for thoughts, simple thoughts.
There is soo much going on in Utica, The Mohawk Valley, Iraq, Virginia Tech, IMUS...... all these stories intermingle adding to our perception of 'the world'. That is why I will focus on the things that I know.
It is raining today.
Violence is bad.
Love is good.
Keep negative opinions to yourself( this is not something I know or do, but I will try).
I am going to try to incorporate some of these standards in my everyday life and in my writing and remember all these stories, events, that happen outside of my reality are important but there is little I can do by opining on the best way to deal with something that already happened. I am more interested in 'forward thinking', progressive issues that will improve the lives of our children(future generations).
I am not perfect I am sure I will forget what I wrote earlier and descend into a rant about something, I will point out all the truths that prove me right. It is a tired dance, right and wrong, but it is what makes us human.
The Utica Phoenix will also be a favorite topic, our stories, boring to some, speak to the underreported segments of our society.
It is such a pleasure to be independent of corporate interests, at least on a direct level where we do not have to compromise our integrity. We have the freedom to speak out, to go against the grain, and do some honest to goodness reporting.
We, in the media, all know there is a story behind the story. In this forum, anything goes. This will be the spot to air your grievances, discuss contoversial issues that directly affect us Uticans. Please be anonymous, we all know how small this city is, especially if you rub someone the wrong way.
I hope to hear from you........ The Phoenix Reader